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Afghanistan Map

The Comprehensive Guide to Afghanistan Map The ultimate guide to Afghanistan Map. Administrative Afghanistan Map with District and Provinces (Source: Where is Afghanistan Located on the world map? (Source: Detailed Physical Map of Afghanistan (Source: Ethno Linguistic Map of Afghanistan (Source: Large Detailed map of Afghanistan with Cities and Towns. (Source: Large Physical Map of […]

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Learn India Map Easily – Ultimate Guide 2020

[wps_toc style=”default” title=”Table of Contents” show_heirarchy=”yes” bullet_spacing=”Yes” ordered_list=”Yes”] The Comprehensive Guide to India Map           INDIA is a Country of great diversity with a wide range of land form types, including major mountain ranges, deserts, rich agricultural plains, and hilly jungle regions. Indeed, the term Indian subcontinent aptly describes the enormous extent […]

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Top 25 Recommended UPSC Books List for Acing an Exam

     This page lists all the best Standard UPSC Books list for preparation. Indian History and CultureSL NoTitleAuthorEdition1Ancient IndiaNCERT – XI (R.S. Sharma)Old Edition2Medieval IndiaNCERT – XI (Satish Chandra)Old Edition3An introduction to FIne ArtsNCERT – XINew Edition4Modern IndiaNCERT XII – Bipin ChandraOld Edition5Themes in Indian History – Part I, II & IIINCERT – XIINew […]

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UPSC Syllabus – Civil Services Exam Prelims, Mains and Interview

UPSC Syllabus – Civil Services Preliminary Exam The Civil service exam is conducted in three phases: Phase 1:Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination (Objective Type)Phase 2:Civil Services (Mains) Examination (Descriptive Type)Phase 3:Personal Interview (Personality Test)      The Civil Services Preliminary exam comprises of two compulsory papers of 200 marks each (General Studies Paper I and General […]

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