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Best Guide on Albania – 2021

Albania Flag:

Albania Flag
Figure: Flag of Albania – Wikipedia
  • Albanian flag is actually pretty simple. It’s just a red banner, with a double-headed eagle emblem on top of it. The red representing bravery and courage, and the double-headed eagle is an emblem that the Albanians have claimed that they have historically used to identify themselves as a people group, even though there may be some other countries that would argue.
  • Albania is located in the south Balkan region, right north of Greece, south of Montenegro, east of Macedonia and Kosovo. And off the coast of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas.
  • Albania doesn’t really get much regard.
  • Albania doesn’t really have many islands that border its coastline.
  • There are only about 7 to 10 islands. Most of which are small, uninhabited or barely inhabited. Like Tongo and Stillo Island in the south. Which each only have 1 house on them.
  • Few of islands have historical ancient sites and landmarks on them. Such as, Ali Pasha Castle on Butrint, and the 13th century monastery on Zvërnec Island.
  • Sazan Island has actually played a very crucial role in Albania’s history. It was taken over by the Romans, and then the Byzantines, and the Ottomans, and the Greeks and the Italians, and the British. And the Greeks, but the Greeks didn’t want it again, so they gave it to the Italians. And then the Italians finally gave it to Albania.
  • Sazan Island is the only inhabited island, as the people living there are only there to maintain the former military bases that were built.

An insight into the history and Geography of Albania

  • Albania is about 70% mountainous, with about 25% of the land being arable for agriculture and farming. Which by the way, is a sector that employs about half of the entire population of Albania.
  • Albanian’s take their agriculture very seriously. In fact, for a while, they were completely closed off from the rest of the world and self-reliant. In addition to fruits and vegetables and other produce, they like to grow Tobacco.
  • Albania is also loaded with a bunch of other types of landscapes, like rolling green hills, and lush forests, and very nice warm temperate beaches. Such as the ones at Ksamil and Durrës.
  • Albania, Pretty much everywhere around the entire country, we will notice these Word War II concrete war bunkers, located everywhere. The reason being because in the middle of the 20th century, the old communist leader, Enver Hoxha, took over and built these war bunkers. About 700,000 of them and placed them all over the country, as a means for militaristic preparation.
  • In terms of its demographics, about 85%, the vast majority of people in Albania, identify as ethnically Albanian. Now there are some minorities, like Greeks and Macedonians and Montenegrins as well. The vast majority of people in Albania also speak the Albanian language, which is one of the most distinguishable facets of this country.
  • The Albanian language, to this day, relates to no other Indo-European language branch in the world. It stands alone as its own; and it’s a very unique language Albania also has a very interesting faith-based background. About 60% of the people identify as non-denominational or secular Muslim, and about 20% identify as Christian, mostly Catholic or Orthodox.
  • Historically, Albania at one point banned all religious freedom. And was declared the very first Atheist state in the entire world. During the Communist regime, until 1992.
  • In Albania, they shake their head to say yes, and they nod their head to say no.
  • Albania has probably been one the most socially awkward countries in the world. Shortly after Albania was relinquished from the Ottoman Empire, Albania kind of went through a few decades of not exactly, quite knowing how to be Albania again. And that’s when the Soviets came in. For a while, Albania was part of the Soviet Bloc. However, during the Sino-Soviet split, Albania actually decided to side with China, and not Russia, The reason being, because that made China Albania’s only ally in the world.
  • In the last few years of Communism, and following the death of Enver Hoxha. Albania kind of saw what was going on and they were like, “Yeah, we kind of need to turn things around.” And finally in 1990, the Communism regime ended making Albania a constitutional republic. This opened up a lot of doors. And from the 90’s up until today,
  • Albania has become one of the most social countries in the world, opening up its arms, trying to regain as many diplomatic relations as it can with as many countries. And to this day, has about 40 embassies in 40 different countries.
  • Albania is a social pterodactyl. They even named a street after George W. Bush after he visited there one time in 2007.
  • Albania would probably consider Kosovo their best friend, considering that the vast majority of people in Kosovo are Albanians.

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