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Austria Flag

Austria Flag
Figure: Flag of Austria – Wikipedia
  • Austrian flag is one of the oldest used flags of Europe, the flag has comes from the siege of Acre after Leopold the fist came back from battle and removed his belt with his blood-soaked tunic leaving a red white banner keep in mind that the Austrian flag looks very similar to the flag of Latvia however the Latvian flag has unequal sized bands and is a darker shade of red keep in mind many other countries in the Eastern European region specifically the pan-Slavic areas still retain a part or complete version of the white red pattern on their flags like Austria.
  • Austria is landlocked bordered by eight other countries, don’t forget Liechtenstein in the Central European region with the Alps dominating three-quarters of the country in the west and in the center the country is divided into nine states although it’s kind of funny because the state of Lower Austria is technically a little higher than Upper Austria.
  • The capital and the largest city is Vienna located on the eastern side of the country where one out of every eight Austrians can be found the city is a wonderful assimilation of centuries-old stone churches palaces opera houses and monuments as well as modern high rises skyscrapers and business offices oh and there’s dozens of castles speckled throughout the entire country.
  • The member of the EU Austria’s borders are pretty open with all of its neighbors and are pretty much virtually invisible with the exception of the occasional river or mountain blocking the way.
  • Austria has a relatively narrow Eastern parameter that stretches into the Alps as Tyrell region which previously gave the country a wider range of Dominion was ceded to Italy.

An insight into the history and Geography of Austria

  • Austria is mountainous with the Alps dominating the center and western parts of the country these mountains are the characterizing segments that give Austria as its distinct national identity both historically and culturally in short even though the vast majority of people in Austria live in the low-lying Plains around the mountains.
  • Austria would not be Austria without the Alps these mountains.
  • The mountains also provide the perfect setting for Austria’s favorite sport skiing problem though is that although these mountains are very beautiful they do kind of make a lot of the country uninhabitable or difficult to cultivate although 40% of the land is covered in forests less than 20% of the land is arable.
  • The Danube River flows through the northern part of the country and has historically played a vital role in Austria’s economy and trade sector especially after the construction of the Rhine main Danube River canal back in 1992 which allows ships to finally pass from the North Sea through Europe into the Balkans and ending into the Black Sea.
  • The low-lying areas of Eastern Austria have nice grassy hills and Plains perfect for cattle raising and of course dairy production where some of the classiest Austrian cheese’s are produced.
  • Austria’s economy is not really that heavily based on agriculture but rather services and Industry specifically an engine and medication manufacturing.
  • Austria has a population of about eight and a half million about ninety percent of whom are ethnically Austrian and ten percent from other nations mostly from Germany and from the former Yugoslavian states such as Hungary Serbia and Bosnia with an influx of Turkish people having immigrated over the past few decades.
  • The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg dynasty which was one of the most pivotal monarchies that shaped the entire course of European history in every corner from Spain to France England to Russia and so on the house birds even took over Mexico for a short period of time.
  • Austrians speak German, however but they do not call themselves German’s.
  • Austrians like to define themselves as more soft-spoken and reserved they don’t like to upset anybody and courtesy is very highly expected in this country educational accomplishments and achievements are very highly prized.
  • In Austria one thing Austrians do kind of obsess over though they prefer to be addressed by every title that they have obtained for themselves.
  • Austrian’s are little bit more conservative in their politics which can possibly be attributed to the growing elderly population however the youth have always been known to rough up a few controversy feathers here and there.
  • Austria’s best friends have some kind of a love or hate relationship with them but love always wins in the end, Austria did kind of start or influence both world wars World War one with the attacks from the empire on Serbia after the Archduke was assassinated and World War two.
  • Austria is incredibly neutral in their affairs and lies in a very interesting alliance limbo as they have neither joined NATO or the Warsaw Pact but enough on that in regards to their Eastern neighbors because of the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire Austria and many of the other central and Balkan states like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on have close ties to Austria even though historically they had lots of drama under the Habsburg dynasty.
  • They hated the Ottomans, in regards to Italy Italy has always been a huge trade partner.
  • Austrian in terms of their best friends Austria would kind of reluctantly say Germany but more specifically Bavaria the region of South Germany the very ones and Austrians are very similar in their culture and tradition.
  • Austria is kind of like the country that secretly changed the entire course of all of European history.

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