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Learn facts and Geography of Palau including Major Geographical Features, Natural resources, Region, area, Capital, Border countries, rivers in Palau.

  • The Republic of Palau consists of eight principal islands and more than 250 smaller ones lying roughly 500 miles southeast of the Philippines, in Oceania.
  • The islands of Palau constitute the westernmost part of the Caroline Islands chain. The country includes the World War II battleground of Peleliu and world-famous rock islands.
  • The total land area is 459 km2 (177 sq mi). It has the 42nd largest Exclusive Economic Zone of 603,978 km2 (233,197 sq mi).

Geography of Palau

Geography of Palau




Ranked 179th





Bordering Countries:


Total Size:

177 sq mi

Geographical Coordinates:

7°30′N 134°30′E

World Region or Continent:

Pacific Ocean

General Terrain:

Varying geologically from the high, mountainous main island of Babelthuap to low, coral islands usually fringed by large barrier reefs.

Geographical Low Point:

Pacific Ocean 0 m

Geographical High Point:

Mount Ngerchelchuus 242 metres (794 ft)


  • The climate of the Palau Islands is defined as being maritime tropical, characterized by little variation seasonally or diurnally.
  • The country has a Köppen Climate Classification of Af.
  • It rains almost daily.
  • Short but torrential storms provide over 3.8m annually. Prolonged dry spells or droughts are rare.

Major cities:

  • Koror 
  • Koror Town
  • Kloulklubed
  • Ulimang
  • Mengellang
  • Angaur
  • Ngchesar Hamlet
  • Melekeok Village
  • Ngchemiangel
  • Ngerkeai
  • Ngardmau
  • Angaur State

Major Land forms:

The islands include four types of topo-graphical formations: volcanic, high limestone, low platform, and coral atoll. Palau’s volcanic and limestone islands sustain distinctly different vegetation.

Major Rivers and Lakes:

Major Rivers:

  • Lmetmellasch (Mutukl River)
  • Ngeredekuu (Ngareboku River)
  • Ngerdorch (Garudokku, Ngardok River, Ngdorak River) …
  • Ngrikiil (Geriiki River, Ngerikil River) …
  • Ngerimel (Gihmel River)
  • Ngerderar (Ngarderartaog)
  • Isemiich (Aisemiich, Aisemith River, Barrak River)

Major Lakes:

  • Metukercheuas Uet lake

Natural Resources:

The major natural resource of Palau is the se

Major Geographical Features:


Pacific Ocean

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