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Most people often assume that Criminology falls under psychology but that would be ridiculous; the fact is that Criminology is the criminal study of the society, one that delves deep into behavioural patterns, in order to understand the crime in question.

It enables you to review the current societal norms that are currently established to help modify behaviour, as well as the current laws in place, that can help prevent further crimes from taking place.

A study in criminology often involves studying the evidence gathered, evaluating and assessing the scene of the crime, hereditary and psychological causes that may have prompted the crime, investigation, presenting conclusive evidence and obtaining the conviction.

It also includes a closer review of the current correctional system that houses felons who have been incarcerated for various reasons, and a review of the current laws and differing styles of punishment currently available.

If you thought that a degree in criminology means getting around the scene of a crime with a magnifying glass, well, those were the old days and you can chalk it up to Perry Mason. But real life is a lot grittier than a scene set out in a novel or movie, and the same applies to Criminology and the various careers in it, that you can opt for.

The scope of Criminology

Criminology is a division of sociology and the study of criminal, aberrant and/or deviant behaviour, the criminal justice, and the laws associated with the same and the corrections system.

It can be quite a wide-ranging field and there are various real-life careers in the field of criminology that you can opt for, from being a criminologist to that of a forensic scientist. But you should be aware that the careers in the field of Criminology can often overlap with that of the criminal justice system such as the police, but that careers in this field are more academic oriented, rather than field work, with few exceptions.

But Criminology is one of those few fields where there are several entry-level jobs which does not require you to get a degree in Criminology. However, in order to proceed further with your career, you would require the same.

It should also be mentioned that with rampant increase in crimes, more criminology careers are bound to open up come 2019. At the current rate, you can expect a 15% jump in more jobs associated with the field of criminology over the next few years.

Career opportunities

As mentioned earlier, Criminology is a study of society at large and happens to be a large and varied discipline – there are hundreds of jobs that you can apply for, from being a criminologist to that of being a police officer.

But irrespective of which major you choose to major in for your criminology degree, you should know that this field is bound to throw up more career opportunities, as 2019 rolls around. Given the exponential increase in crime rate, more criminologists and social scientists are required to explain the crime, the policies that need to be in place to prevent a similar occurrence, to update current laws, etc.

Naturally, this field is one of the top lucrative ones that you can choose when it comes to your career and job opportunities. Perhaps, it is time that you took a closer look at some of the jobs that you can apply for, with your criminology degree.

16 Best Criminology Jobs

These are some of the lucrative jobs, currently available in Criminology, you may want to check them out.


A criminologist is often required to investigate a crime, the scene, and the main motivations behind it. According to Chron, the median salary for a criminologist often varies between $40695 and $56,993 per year.

Probation and Parole officer

These are primarily entry-level jobs that you can get after a bachelor’s degree and maybe even a few psychology credits. It often requires you to handle ex-convicts and a certain degree of empathy on your part.


You can provide legal assistance to lawyers and others in the legal field.

FBI field Agent

You would be required to show a high degree of motivation and the training for the same, but do note that it may be physically debilitating.

But once you have graduated from the class with honours, you can look forward to a yearly pay of $64,635 after taking into account location and other criteria into account.

Corrections officer

Apart from being a probation and/ parole officer, you can also become a corrections officer, which means that you would be required to process, protect and regulate convicts under your jurisdiction.


Criminology is a study of social behaviour and aberrant behaviour at that; naturally, counselling is part of the same. You may be required to provide counselling services to all those who are in need of the same, as a result of some recent trauma.

Financial Fraud Investigation & Prevention

This particular career involves in detailed study and analysis of various financial frauds, and to prevent the same from taking place again.


A career in the field of forensics involves detailed study of the crime, as well as various scientific aspects, related to the same including post-mortem

Insurance Fraud Investigation & Prevention

It involves investigating various cases of insurance fraud.

Intervention Programming

This involves applying various tactics and strategies to reduce crimes before they had even taken place.


To study and analyze how ex-criminals can be rehabilitated to society and to enable them to lead meaningful lives in the process.

Research and Policy Studies

To study various aspects of current laws, policies on criminal behaviour, and to suggest improvements on the same.

Private Investigation

This job involves being a private investigator where you have to investigate various aspects of a crime on your own.


Psychopathology Specialist: To study in detail, various aspects of aberrant social behaviour and to reason out the same.

Retail Investigation

To investigate various retail crimes, analyze and help prevent future occurrence.

Special Agencies

To work as a law enforcement officer with various agencies,


These are some of the careers that you can opt for, with a degree in criminology. But do more research, into your preferred field, and then make a decision as regards your career choice, for the upcoming year.

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