Geography of Mali – The Ultimate Free Guide 2021

  • Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. Mali is the eighth-largest country in Africa.
  • The sovereign state of Mali consists of eight regions and its borders on the north reach deep into the middle of the Sahara Desert.
  • The country’s economy centres on agriculture and mining.
  • Geologically, Mali consists mostly of vast flatlands of granite and shale covered by sandstone and alluvial quartz

Geography of Mali

Political Map of Mali

Geography of Mali


Western Africa


1,240,192 km2





Bordering Countries:

  • On the north by Algeria,
  • On the east by Niger and Burkina Faso,
  • On the south by Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea, and
  • On the west by Senegal and Mauritania.



Geographical Coordinates:

12°39′N 8°0′W

World Region or Continent:


General Terrain:

The terrain is primarily savanna in the south and flat to rolling plains or high plateau (200–500 meters in elevation) in the north.

Geographical Low Point:

Senegal River (23 m)

Geographical High Point:

Hombori Tondo (1155 m).


  • Mali is one of the hottest countries in the world. The thermal equator, which matches the hottest spots year-round on the planet based on the mean daily annual temperature, crosses the country.
  • Most of Mali receives negligible rainfall and droughts are very frequent.
  • Hot and dry February to June;
  • Rainy, humid, and mild June to November;
  • Cool and dry November to February

Major cities:

  • Bamako
  • Sikasso
  • Kalabancoro
  • Koutiala
  • Segou
  • Kayes
  • Kati
  • Mopti
  • Niono
  • Gao

Major Land forms:

  • Mali is generally flat.
  • The Fouta Djallon highlands of the southwest. The Bandiagara plateau and escarpment of the southeast. The Hombori Mountains of the far southeast.

Major Rivers and Lakes:

Major Rivers:

  • Falémé River.
  • Karakoro River.
  • Kolinbiné River.
  • Sanaba River.
  • Bafing River.
  • Bakoy River.
  • Baoulé River.
  • Badinko River.
  • Kokoro River.

Major Lakes:

  • Lake Afou
  • Lake Al Kamsi
  • Lake Arala
  • Lake Arandjéou
  • Lake Arkaou
  • Lake Arodout
  • Lake Arona
  • Lake Asi Taba
  • Lake Bab el Eri
  • Lake Bambiré
  • Lake Bango
  • Lake Baria
  • Lake Bella
  • Lake Bella Bambi
  • Lake Bissoko
  • Lake Bongoe
  • Lake Bouari
  • Lake Bouboutoussembou
  • Lake Boudyou
  • Lake Bouldi
  • Lake Bouncham
  • Lake Caytadié
  • Lake Chamou
  • Lake Chétégoula
  • Lake Chibon
  • Lake Dao
  • Lake Daouat
  • Lake Dara
  • Lake Dargata
  • Lake Daye
  • Lake Dayé Dyesse
  • Lake Débo
  • Lake Débaré
  • Lake Diataro
  • Lake Dibanti
  • Lake Didyéri
  • Lake Dienko
  • Lake Dingoganyé
  • Lake Diori
  • Lake Dioulgoul
  • Lake Domino Tossokel
  • Lake Doro Mare
  • Lake Faguibine
  • Lake Férem
  • Lake Féto Maraboulé
  • Lake Fobangou
  • Lake Fonderé
  • Lake Foroudougou
  • Lake Gabi
  • Lake Galigel
  • Lake Galiya
  • Lake Garia
  • Lake Gassi
  • Lake Gomaga
  • Lake Gossi
  • Lake Goua
  • Lake Gougol
  • Lake Gounako
  • Lake Goundaka
  • Lake Goussou
  • Lake Guéou
  • Lake I-n-Daroua
  • Lake I-n-Tetouft
  • Lake Ioussa
  • Lake Kabara
  • Lake Kâde
  • Lake Kamne
  • Lake Kan
  • Lake Kandéfougou
  • Lake Kangara
  • Lake KanieKobo
  • Lake Kanou
  • Lake Karangara
  • Lake Karsa
  • Lake Kati
  • Lake Koboro
  • Lake Koguié
  • Lake Kokorourou
  • Lake Kokoungari
  • Lake Kondiré
  • Lake Kossokosso
  • Lake Kouma
  • Lake Koumana
  • Lake Kounaguel
  • Lake Fatakara
  • Lake Fatiha

Natural Resources:

  • Gold,
  • Phosphates,
  • Kaolin,
  • Salt,
  • Limestone,
  • Uranium, and
  • Hydropower

Major Geographical Features:

Biomes & Ecosystems:

  • The territory encompasses three natural zones: the southern cultivated Sudanese zone, central semi-desert Sahelian zone, and northern desert Saharan zone. The terrain is primarily savanna in the south and flat to rolling plains or high plateau in the north.


Atlantic Ocean


Mali Island

Mountain Ranges:

  • Adrar des Ifoghas
  • Mount Hombori
  • Manding Mountains
  • Mount Tenakourou

Regions of Mali:

  • Kayes
  • Koulikoro
  • Bamako
  • Sikasso
  • Ségou
  • Mopti
  • Tombouctou
  • Gao
  • Kidal
  • Taoudénit
  • Ménaka

Administrative Map of Mali

Administrative Map of Mali

Mali Location on World Map

Mali Location on World Map

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