Jefferson County Alabama Ultimate Guide

Jefferson County is one of the most popular and populous counties of the United States. It is located in the state of Alabama. The county is rapidly growing in the industrial and manufacturing sector, which tends to attract more people. Moreover, it is rich in heritage, and you can find people of all races living with peace and harmony.

All that is said, but do you know Jefferson County is a terrific place to spend your holidays? You can visit various tourist places here from a zoo, museums to parks.

Let us get you a complete guide to this mesmerizing county from government, laws to religion, outstanding landmarks, and almost everything.

What are the demographics and the geographics of Jefferson County?

Let’s start with the demographics of Jefferson County; it has a mixed and unique form. The majority is composed of White and Blacks. But you can also find a significant percentage of Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Irish, European, and many more.

The population density of the county is 600 per square mile. This indicates that the areas are not overly populated, and every person can enjoy the resources effectively. The mediocre population density does not put much pressure on the land and its resources.

The whole county has a land area of 2,940 square kilometers. It is situated in the Ridge-And-Valley Appalachians. Shades Mountain is the highest point that can be located 1,150 ft tall. From north to south along with west you can find various other counties.

How is the government structure?

In today’s time, before shifting to any place, it is very important to know well about its government and politics. And here we have all the significant and essential information about Jefferson’s government, taxes, and laws.

Jefferson County has a council-manager type of government in which a five-member committee governs the county. They also enjoy control over the legislative and executive power. From among them, a President is elected who has some special duties and authority to govern the citizens. If we take a look at the political history of the county, then it is clearly visible that they are collectively supportive of Democratic candidates. The county seat of Jefferson is Birmingham.

Law and order fall under the Sheriff’s department. The voters elect the Sheriff by the election process. And if we talk about the tax, then let us tell you that the total within the county sales can rise up to 12%. As per the law, in Jefferson, out of the total tax paid, 1% of the sale tax goes towards building the education facilities.

Which religion is prevalent in Alabama’s county, Jefferson?

Jefferson County, Alabama, has a massive section of Baptist religion groups. But you can also find many Catholics, congregations, and Methodists. People are free to follow the religion in which they have belief.

As per the recent reports, there are around 714 different religious groups in Jefferson. And there are no such conflicts among them. Every group has equal rights to follow and celebrate their religion openly. The religious diversification of Jefferson is one of its most outstanding features. The peace and harmony drive more people toward this county.

How is the education system of Jefferson County, Alabama?

The Jefferson County Board of Education recognizes both the local school districts and public schools. Many wealthy towns have formed their own education system. The government of the county pays much attention to educating its people. Out of the total tax paid the 1% of it goes toward building education facilities.

What are the landmarks and tourist places of the county?

If you are planning a trip to Jefferson County, Alabama, then you can find many tourist landmarks to enjoy. Some of them are:

Birmingham Zoo: it is a non-profit zoo situated in Birmingham. You can find thousands of animals. The atmosphere here is always mesmerizing. The zoo is also a step to protect endangered animals. Various exhibits like Predator zone, Reptiles Building, Alabama Wilds, and many more are present here. If you go to Jefferson County, The Birmingham Zoo is a must to visit place.

Vulcan Park and Museum: This is an ideal place to spend some quality with your loved ones. The scenic beauty here cannot be described in simple words. There is also a very famous small gift shop that sells outstanding fun gifts and books. The place will let you know all about the intriguing history of the place.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy: The most breathtaking place of Jefferson County, Alabama, is the Appalachian Trail. You will find lush green valleys all around you. The place is perfect for adventurous activities like hiking. The scenic beauty will surely make you fall in love with the place.

Birmingham Botanical Garden: The Botanical Garden of Birmingham is the most colorful and beautiful place in Jefferson County. You will see numerous different varieties of flowers here. Along with the flowers and plants, you will find many other birds.

Railroad Park Foundation: It is a large park of around 19-acre land. The Park celebrates the rich heritage of the county. You do various fun activities here. The Park is beautifully architecture, making it a perfect place to visit and enjoy.

Final Words

So that was all about Jefferson County, Alabama. It is one of the most beautiful counties in the United States. The places, people, and the government are all worth appreciating.

Jefferson County has political peace; they have a rich heritage. People of different communities and races live here in harmony. Apart from that, you can find various places to spend time with your friends and family.

This blog gives your insight into the complete system of Jefferson County, Alabama. So, if you plan to visit Jefferson County, you’ll know everything about the place and exactly know what you’ll do there.

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