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  • New Caledonia is a sui generis collectivity of overseas France in the southwest Pacific Ocean, south of Vanuatu, about 1,210 km east of Australia, and 17,000 km from Metropolitan France. The archipelago, part of the Melanesia subregion, includes the main island of Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands, the Chesterfield Islands, the Belep archipelago, the Isle of Pines, and a few remote islets. The Chesterfield Islands are in the Coral Sea. French people, especially locals, call Grande Terre Le Caillou.

Geography of New Caledonia

Geography of New Caledonia
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  • The geography of New Caledonia, an overseas collectivity of France located in the sub region of Melanesia, makes the continental island group unique in the southwest Pacific. Among other things, the island chain has played a role in preserving unique biological lineages from the Mesozoic.

Sovereign state:



18,575 km2




2.72 Lakhs

Bordering Countries:

New Caledonia shares maritime borders with: Australia, the Fiji Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

Total Size:

7,172 sq mi

Geographical Coordinates:

22°16′S 166°28′E

World Region or Continent:


General Terrain:

Terrain. The terrain of Grande Terre consists of coastal plains, with mountains in the interior. The lowest point is the Pacific Ocean, with an elevation of 0 m, and the highest is Mont Panie, with an elevation of 1,628 m (5,341 ft).

Geographical Low Point:

The lowest point is the Pacific Ocean, with an elevation of 0 m, and the highest is Mont Panie, with an elevation of 1,628 m (5,341 ft)

Geographical High Point:

Mount Panié 1628 Meters


  • The climate of New Caledonia is tropical, modified by southeasterly trade winds. It is hot and humid. Natural hazards are posed in New Caledonia by cyclones, which occur most frequently between November and March. While rainfall in the neighboring Vanuatu islands averages two meters annually, from the north of New Caledonia to the south the rain decreases to a little over 1,000 mm (39 in).
  • The mean annual temperature drops over the same interval from 27.5 to 24.3 °C (81.5 to 75.7 °F), and seasonality becomes more pronounced.

Major cities:

  • Nouméa
  • Le Mont-Dore
  • Dumbéa
  • Païta
  • Lifou
  • Maré
  • Koné
  • Bourail
  • Poindimié
  • Houaïlou

Major Rivers and Lakes:

Major Rivers:

  • Amoa River
  • Canala River
  • Cap River
  • Comboui River
  • Diahot River
  • Dothio River
  • Dumbéa River
  • Hienghène River
  • Ho River
  • Houaïlou River
  • Iouanga River
  • Karoipa River
  • Koua River
  • Kouakoué River
  • Kouaoua River
  • Koué River
  • Koumac River
  • Kuébéni River
  • La Coulée River
  • La Foa River
  • Moindah River
  • Moindou River
  • Monéo River
  • Mou River
  • Nakéty River
  • Néavin River
  • Néhoué River
  • Népoui River
  • Néra River
  • Nessadiou River
  • Ngo River
  • Ngoye River
  • Ni River
  • Nimbaye River
  • Nimbo (Mba) River
  • Ouaco River
  • Ouaième River
  • Ouango River
  • Ouaméni River
  • Oué Bouameu River
  • Oué Pouanlotch River
  • Ouenghi River
  • Ouha River
  • Ouinné River
  • Pirogues River
  • Plum River
  • Poué Koué River
  • Pourina River
  • Poya River
  • Salée River
  • Taom River
  • Tchamba River
  • Témala River
  • Thio River
  • Tiaoué River
  • Tinip River
  • Tiwaka River
  • To N’deu River
  • Tontouta River
  • Voh River
  • Yaté River

Major Lakes:


Natural Resources:

Nickel, chrome, iron, cobalt, manganese, silver, gold, lead, copper.
Agriculture – products: Vegetables; beef, deer, other livestock products.

Major Geographical Features:

Biomes & Ecosystems:

Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests


southwestern Pacific Ocean


  • New Caledonia
  • Archipelago of New Caledonia
  • Belep Islands
  • Art Island
  • Dau Ac
  • Other
  • Pott island
  • Recif de Cook
  • Bouloupari Islands
  • Daussey
  • Ducos
  • Geoffroy
  • Hugon
  • Layrle
  • Lepredour
  • Other
  • Parseval
  • Petit Tenia
  • Puen
  • Tenia
  • Testard
  • Verte

Mountain Ranges:

  • Mont Panié
  • Matthew Island
  • Mount Humboldt

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