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  • Tokelau known previously as the Union Islands, and, until 1976, known officially as the Tokelau Islands, lit. It is a dependent territory of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean
  • Tokelau comprises three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean between 171° and 173° W longitude and 8° and 10° S latitude, approximately midway between Hawaii and New Zealand. They lie about 500 km (311 mi) north of Samoa.
  • The island was claimed by the United States pursuant to the Guano Islands Act as were the other three islands of Tokelau, which claims were ceded to Tokelau by treaty in 1979. In the draft constitution of Tokelau subject to the Tokelauan self-determination referendum in 2006, Olohega is claimed as part of Tokelau, a claim surrendered in the same 1979 treaty which established a boundary between American Samoa and Tokelau.

Geography of Tokelau

Geography of Tokelau
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Sovereign state:

New Zealand


10 km2 (3.9 sq mi)





Bordering Countries:

New Zealand and Hawaii

Largest City:


Geographical Coordinates:

Atafu: 8°33′6″S 172°30′3″W / 8.55167°S 172.50083°W
Nukunonu: 9°10′6″S 171°48′35″W / 9.16833°S 171.80972°W
Fakaofo: 9°21′55″S 171°12′54″W

World Region or Continent:


General Terrain:

  • From Atafu in the north to Fakaofo in the south, the group extends for just under 200 km.
  • The atolls are three to five metres above sea level.
  • Tokelau has a total land area of approximately 12 sq km.
  • The reef extends only a short distance from the shore then drops sharply into deep waters.

Geographical Low Point:

  • Tokelau includes three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean between longitudes 171° and 173° W and between latitudes 8° and 10° S, about midway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Geographical High Point:

5 metres (16 feet) above sea level.


Tokelau has a tropical climate, with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) and sometimes rainfall.

Major cities:

  • Atafu,
  • Nukunonu,
  • Fale old settlement,

Famous Places:

  • Atafu,
  • Fakaofo Lagoon,
  • Nukunonu Lagoon,
  • Nukunonu Village.

Natural Resources:

Tokelau’s fisheries are made up of an inshore lagoon fishery, reef fishery and an abundant offshore pelagic fish and deep-ocean fishery.

Major Geographical Features:


South Pacific Ocean.


  • Fakaofo,
  • Atafu,
  • Nukunonu,
  • Swains Island,
  • Motufala.

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